Share your special Place and your story

People and places. A place is not just a physical expression, an environment or a point on a map. It is the repository of collective and individual perceptions, life stories, experiences, beliefs, myths, traditions and legends. These places can be fantastic for walking or bird watching, magical and peaceful to recharge and relax, exciting and beautiful with traces of generations of people who lived and worked the land in the past. Most of the time, it is not the grand history and the extraordinary places that matter most. Rather, the familiar, everyday places give us a sense of belonging and identity.

What are your special places, and why do they matter? What is the story that connects you to a place in a very special way? Please take part in this short survey and share your special places and stories, which will help to build the history of the places that matter to people. The survey is part of a research project at the University of York to assess the social value of landscapes. The outcome will not only provide vital background for sustainable change and development in consensus with the people that live, work or visit but also provide the basis for self- guided “hiStory Walks”, story maps and a new view on the history of the land.

Everybody over 18 is invited to take part. The survey takes approximately 15 minutes and invites you to upload photographs, images or drawings, whatever you want to share to show why your place is special to you.

Thank you very much for your help creating a new perspective on the character and the values of places.

If you want to be part of the project , please take part in this short survey:

Thank you very much!