The Background

Stories: Residents that favour the places along this route remember the war times and feel a connection to this period of history through the still visible archaeological remains in the landscape. But the reservoir area is also an escape to the countryside close to the city of Sheffield. The scenery, nature and views the Redmire Reservoir area affords is appreciated by young and old.

Details: Distance: 8.76 km; duration: 2:51 h; ascent: 120 m. Difficulty: Intermediate. The route includes road, natural paths and flagstone paths. Suitable for walker of all skill and fitness levels.

Waypoints: We start at Wyming Brook car park and follow Redmires Road towards the reservoirs. At the WWI memorial we ascent to Quarry Hill and Hill 60 with its WWI practice trenches. Desecent and follow the Long Causeway (road) before you turn eastwards to walk along the resevoirs. Turn north on Soughley Lane and then east to follow Redmires Conduit. Redmires wood at your left contains the remains of the Lodgemoor Camp, a WWI and WWII POW camp mainly housing German prisoners during wartimes. Leave the camp at Redmires Road which will lead you back to the car park.